Video Instruction

If you’re seeking video instruction for your child using the Friendly Chemistry curriculum, we have two options for you!

Option 1: Live-action video series.   With this video series, your child can be taught by text author, Dr. Hajda. Dr. Hajda is well-known for presenting concepts in a readily-understandable, engaging manner.  Preview Lesson 1 and Lesson 4 below.  Viewing access is made available through a password protected private viewing portal. An internet connection must be available for viewing  To order, click the ORDER VIDEOS tab.  Contact us with your questions regarding this video series option.

Option 2:  Our current DVD version of Friendly Chemistry is presented in an audio book style with Dr. Hajda reading the text while a series of slides move by on the screen.  This version is ideal for students who need assistance reading the text.  This version does not include live-action video sequences.  Preview Lessons 1-3 below.  These videos are on actual digital video discs to be played on a DVD player.  Ordering information can be found on our ORDER VIDEOS tab.