Ordering Videos

 Option 1:  Live-action Video Series.  This video series is currently in production.   Preview two lessons on our Video Instruction tab.  This series will be hosted by Vimeo and an internet connection is required for viewing.  Once purchased, viewing of videos is unlimited so you may use them now with your current child or in the future for upcoming siblings.  There is no expiration date for your purchase.  Target completion date of this series is July 1, 2018.  Check back here for updates on the availability of this video series.  

Option 2:  Audio book version of Friendly Chemistry.  The 32 lessons of Friendly Chemistry are divided into 6 DVDs.  DVD order fulfillment is made through amazon.com.  Note that when ordering DVDs, amazon may fill a shopping cart separate your book order.   DVD orders are Prime eligible.

Click the disk(s) below you wish to order.

Disk 1 (Lessons 1-6)

Disk 2 (Lessons 7-12)  

Disk 3 (Lessons 13-18) 

Disk 4 (Lessons 19-24) 

Disk 5 (Lessons 25-28)

Disk 6 (Lessons 25-32)