Use with Co-ops

Friendly Chemistry is ideal for co-op groups of learners! Many, many games and activities are utilized throughout Friendly Chemistry to allow your students to practice the concepts presented. Playing games together which are tightly correlated to the concept being presented makes the learning easy and fun.  To assist you in preparation for these games, labs and activities, we have produced videos for you to view.  These videos are available free-of-charge on the Teaching Library tab in the menu above.  (Note that these free videos are NOT the videos which provide actual teaching instruction to your students.  Find these teaching videos on our Video Instruction tab.)

There are 32 lessons which corellate well with 30-32 weeks of instruction. We recommend meeting one day per week for approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Examples of games include:

-The Stinky Atom Game (players remove shoes and dash in relay fashion to assemble atoms according to atomic number called)
-Atom Smasher (players run from chair to chair according to ion formation method called)
-Chemistry Kingdom Play (play based upon reactivity trends of families of the periodic table)
-Building a Charge Balance (learning calculation of net charge using K'nex toys)
-Compound Instensity Board Game (multi-level board game which allows students to practice writing compound formulas, calculating formula weights and percent compositions of chemical compounds.)
-Compound Football (a variation of rock, paper, scissors using a playbook of anions and cations)
-Radius Cakes (using cakes or playdough to learn trends of atom size)

Over 50 games, labs and actiivities in all!  Check them out on the Teaching Library tab above.