Sample Lesson Plan for Friendly Chemistry

Here's what most families plan when they've chosen to spread science over a week (5 days) of 45-60 minute sessions:

Day 1: Read lesson from textbook and begin work on first practice page. You may also begin the activity or lab that goes with the lesson.

Day 2: Review lesson and continue with lab or activity. Complete 1st practice page.

Day 3: Check results on first practice page and then work on second set of practice pages. Finish up lab/activities for lesson.

Day 4: Check results on second practice page; review for test. Test may be given on this day or on day 5.

Day 5: Brief review of lesson and give test. Go over results of test.

If you're using the video series, viewing the video coincides with reading of the lesson on day 1. Also, note in the teacher editions on the teacher notes pages we've included a "game plan" for each lesson which includes the sequence of activities/labs for the lesson. Also, we encourage you to utilize the Teaching Library on our website where we've created a video for all games, activities and labs found in the course. This is free and is highly recommended to make things go smoothly. Here's the link to that page of our website:

Hope this helps! Know that you can always contact us if you are not sure what to do or hit a roadblock. We're happy to help you whenever the need arises.