Labs in Friendly Chemistry

The labs in Friendly Chemistry: are safe and effective lab activities.
They do not require hazardous chemicals or special equipment.
The labs take full advantage of chemistry phenomena of everyday life materials.

Examples of the labs included in Friendly Chemistry include:
-The Marshmallow Inferno: Conquest of Carbon
-Five Unknown White Powders
- pH Testing
-Leaf, Petal and Ink Chromatography
-Crazy Crunch Popcorn Reaction
-Peanut Brittle Reaction
-Building a Gas-Collecting Apparatus
-Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
-Chemical Analysis of an Air Sample
-Smores and Stoichiometry
-Hot Cocoa Molarity
-Expanding and Shrinking Marshmallows
Plus more!

There are more than 50 activities and we’ve made an orientation video for each of them available for at no charge.  In these videos you can see exactly how we play the game or setup and carry out each lab.  These videos can be found in the Teaching Library tab in the menu bar above.

Click here to see a list of lab supplies required for Friendly Chemistry.