Lesson 4

Introducing the Doo-wop Board

Vital for success in the course!  Watch this!

Teamwork Game - Board-fillng Version

First of several versions of this game.  Very effective with groups of kids.  See Doo-wop Boards made from pizza boxes instructions below for more durable Doo-wop Boards for this game.

Doo-wop Board Made Using Pizza Box

Click this link to find instructions on making durable Doo-wop Boards for your class.  These work great for the Teamwork Games.

Expanded Doo-wop Board

Some of you have posed the question, "What about elements whose atomic number is greater than the limit of our Doo-Wop Board?"

The Doo-Wop Board allows you to visualize the electron arrangement of elements up to number 48 (Cadmium.) We've put together a printable diagram which will allow you to see the arrangement of electrons for elements 49 (Indium) and above!  Click here for the file.