Lesson 12

Constructing a Charge Balance

Understanding the calculation of net charge on an ion is made crystal clear using this simple tool.

Charge Balance using Knex Toys

Same activity as above just using this commonly available construction toy.  Click this link to see file.

Ion Bingo Game

Simple, yet very effective means for allowing lots of practice at learning symbols, names and charges of ions.

Ion Flashcards

Like the element flashcard set found in Lesson 1, this is a Google Documents Power Point file.  Click this link to open the file.  Once opened, on the menu bar click “View” and then “Present.” A series of slides will begin. Navigate using your arrow keys. Unlike the element flashcard set, in this set you will see an ion symbol and charge presented first.  The next slide gives you the name of the ion.  Note that these are very repetitive in their sequence.